Friday, April 11, 2014

Air Bezos's CEO has been over into the future, and it pays not to work;
CEO Jeff Bezos' annual letter to shareholders offers a glimpse into Amazon's internal workings and what it is aiming for in the future, including more grocery services and the much-discussed drone delivery.
Which ain't happening tomorrow, says Jeff, but, he's willing to get rid of the deadwood right now;
In December Bezos said Amazon was working on creating unmanned aircraft to deliver packages, but said it would take years to advance the technology and for the Federal Aviation Administration to create the necessary rules and regulations.
In a quirk, Bezos also said Amazon offers employees money to leave the company, a program called Pay to Quit, modeled after a similar program at Zappos. Once a year, the company offers $2,000 to quit, adding $1,000 a year, up to a maximum of $5,000. 
Which is probably cheaper than keeping lay-off specialists on staff with Human Resources.

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