Sunday, April 6, 2014

East is East, and Sweden is...

Just over a week ago a Malaysian husband and wife were jailed by a Swedish court for smacking and caning their children. 
Jailed for living their lives in a way their culture approves;
Malaysian tourism and culture minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz...urged the Swedish authorities to show leniency.
"In Malaysia it's common to scold or cane our children a little now and then," he said.
Each country has its own culture and its own ways of bringing up children, he added.
Even the Malaysian kid recognized that;
These contrasting attitudes also came into sharp focus when the second of the couple's four children, Ammar, estimated that he was beaten more than 1,000 times per year, for such things as playing loud music instead of doing homework, fighting with his sister, or misbehaving when he was meant to be reading the Koran with his mother.
When he went on to say that he "deserved the spankings" the policewoman interviewing him interjected that in Sweden corporal punishment has been illegal since 1979. In other words, no child in Sweden ever deserves a spanking.
Maybe that attitude explains Swedish neutrality towards Nazis. Or;
The Swedish case, meanwhile, has given rise to articles suggesting that the Swedish ban on corporal punishment has spawned a nation of "brats". 

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