Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Anarchists, Unite!

The curse of the drinking class, R Us;
By marketing itself as way to get shitfaced drunk and then get home safely, Uber is hoping to clean the pockets of everyone who wants to feel free on a night like this one. Most people want to feel free, especially when they are not, and alcohol is a good way to pretend. On top of the forty dollars they might spend on booze and food, the average Saturday night drunk can now spend another thirty on an Uber cab. Uber Seattle is always offering discounts for people who go to bars, who love happy hour, who like to get wasted, who dig getting totally fucked up, and who also like to drink. Without the desire to escape produced by this sick capitalist society, Uber would be lacking in drunks to ferry home every night. But of course none of the success of Uber has anything to do with the passengers, or with their misery, or with Jen’s fierce and terrifying identification with her CEO. No, the success of Uber has only one source, and you already know who we’re talking about.
Which rant seems to be in service to kidnapping those passengers in Uber vehicles. Ironic in that this same arnarchist is outraged that a San Franciscan was killed by a car driven by a Uber driver. If that counts against Uber, shouldn't all the lives potentially saved by Uber count for it?

 Putting aside the Leninist logic that justifies violence against the 'right' people.

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