Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lo que será, será, ¿Cómo se dice?

Mark Steyn celebrates the Big Nine O of everyone's most underrated American actress;
"Que sera sera," Doris told me a few years back. "That's really my philosophy." Tell it to Buddy, Bill Clinton's late pooch. At one point, Miss Day wrote to the White House demanding he be neutered – the dog, that is. Of all the potential perils the modern world has to offer, the possibility that Doris Day will publicly call for your castration must rank as pretty low. Nonetheless, Buddy's perky blonde nemesis was insistent. If the President's chocolate lab were to be left intact, she argued, he would be liable to prostate problems which might cause embarrassing urinary accidents on grand White House occasions. "Whatever will be will be," as Buddy might well have barked in a withering riposte.
What Steyn doesn't mention (probably unaware of) is that the once famous linguist Michel Thomas, on his instructional Spanish recordings, brags (a little) that he taught Doris Day how to say it.

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