Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back to the taxing board

All the people who count, aren't going to take this lying down;
A Seattle-based group, Friends of Transit, announced Wednesday it is filing a city initiative for the November ballot that would hike property taxes in order to preserve Metro bus service within the city of Seattle.
“Seattle will grind to a halt if we don’t save buses,” warned transit activist Ben Schiendelman, a longtime trenchant critic of downtown traffic.
Whether the people of Seattle want us to have their money or not!
The proposal comes a day after King County voters apparently defeated Proposition 1, which would have raised sales taxes and imposed a car tab fee, with 60 percent of proceeds going to stave off sharp cuts in Metro bus service.  The measure would also have made money available to cities for road improvements.
Seattle recently passed regulation that will possibly eliminate ride sharing services. 'Friends of Transit' might want to think about that before leaping to the conclusion that tax subsidies are the way to provide transportation.

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