Friday, April 4, 2014

Outside of tolerances

At Mozilla they're proud of how tolerant they are. Unless you cross them;
Now we’ve reached a point where not supporting gay marriage makes you unfit to lead a major Silicon Valley organization.
Some will say we’ve come too far, too fast—that it’s unfair to pillory someone for a political view that was held by the majority of Californians just six years ago. They’re wrong.
Just 10 days after he was named CEO of Mozilla Corporation, the tech company* behind the popular Firefox Web browser,Brendan Eich resigned Thursday under pressure. Eich, the inventor of the Javascript programming language, was technically well-qualified to lead an organization dedicated to upholding the vitality and openness of the Web. But his personal views made him untenable as Mozilla’s leader.
I say “personal views” rather than “political views,” because that distinction is the key to understanding why Eich had to go.
So say we all! Brook no dissent!

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