Monday, April 7, 2014

Works for Obama

POTUS is, after all, just a temporary job;
The economy is creating jobs. But how many of them will endure?
The "short-term" staffing industry is enjoying a long-term boom, with temps accounting for more than one-tenth of all job growth since 2009, according to government data.
The Wall Street Journal story is filled with facts about the increase in temporary employment, but notable by its absence is any mention of the dis-incentives to employment--Obamacare, most prominently--created by the political class in the past five years.
The boost is fueled by companies that reduced hiring amid the recession and learned they can save money in wages and benefits, as well as increase their flexibility, by using fewer permanent workers—even as the economy grows. Technology advances, particularly in manufacturing, have led companies to rethink how many permanent workers they need at a time when temp jobs have become increasingly long term.
By all means, let's add an increase in the minimum wage to the mix.

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