Friday, April 4, 2014

For the kids' sake

Eva Peron used to say that she only wore her diamonds and other jewelry 'for them'. Now $5 million per year Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari, wants another year of involuntary servitude out of his players, for their own well-being;
Players can't go to the NBA until one year past their high-school graduation. So they come to Kentucky or one of the other top programs. They play one season. And then the best of them leave.
I've made it work for the teams I coach—and for the players—as best I can. But I don't like it one bit. Some people say I'm renting players or I'm working the system. Let me make this very clear: I want to coach players for four years. Very few of the young players are truly ready for the rigors of the NBA. All but a handful would benefit from more time playing college basketball, more class time and more time on a college campus.
And it's those 'handful' Calipari needs to keep winning his games...and getting handsomely remunerated for doing so. He's not being greedy though;
I want us to do right by the players. And we're not doing that right now.
What I propose isn't that radical, nor should it be difficult. All that it would require is that the NBA come together with the players association and agree that no player comes into the league until at least two years after his high-school class has graduated.
All it would take is a little more collusion, and the NCAA members can have their slave laborers right where they want them; under their control for double the time they are now. Yeah, that's reasonable...for the NCAA.

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