Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hay críticos y hay boxoffice. Tomaré boxoffice.

Hooray for Hollywood. It gives the customers what they want;
“The word on the street in Hollywood is that Latinos are the most important cinema audience in the country,” says Santiago Pozo, founder and CEO of Arenas, the first agency to start promoting the entertainment industry to the Hispanic audience 26 years ago. “Latinos make up 16 percent of the population and buy 27 percent of the movie tickets. They are cinema’s alpha consumers.”
The studios know the figures. “It is a big audience for us,” says über-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, on the promotional trail for his new horror-thriller Deliver Us From Evil, the kind of film he is convinced works very well with Spanish audiences and even more so if it has a Latino star, in this case Venezuela's Édgar Ramírez.
As the El País story notes;
“If we get to $6 million it will be a success,” Mexican actor and filmmaker Eugenio Derbez was told about his movie No se aceptan devoluciones, or Instructions not Included. .... “We reached the $6-million mark in 48 hours,” Derbez recalls. “The first weekend closed with over $10 million, we sneaked into second place in the box office with just 10 percent of screens; we had a screen average of $26,000, the same figures as Avatar or The Avengers; the total box office was over $44 million.” 
That's en-ter-tain-ment.

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