Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bolivigarchs R Us

No rest for the wicked of Maduroland, thanks to Venezuelan journalist Casto Ocando who has a book detailing some of the dealings of Venezuela's elite;
One of the most relevant stories is Lieutenant Alejandro Andrade's. He was one of the fiduciary men of late President Hugo Chávez; he formed part of his security team during the electoral campaign held in 1998, and he also accumulated a fortune which has caused American authorities to investigate him at the present moment.
....Andrade began his journey as an advisor to Caracas Mayoralty on the administration of grassroots markets. In 2001, he presided over Pueblo Soberano Foundation to offer help to those in need. From there, he would be the president of Fondo Único Social. Later, he became the president of Bandes and director of the National Treasury in Venezuela.
....Andrade became a target of the FBI when the financial crimes division started to investigate illegal transactions conducted by a group of brokers linked with the Bandes in 2008, when the ex-lieutenant was the president of such entity. The investigation led to the detention of four people; one of them was the senior executive officer of Bandes, María de los Ángeles González. She was detained on charges of payment of million dollars on account of bribery through the US financial system. 
El Diablo made her do it.

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