Sunday, March 1, 2015

Your Granma wears army boots

AKA; The Official Voice of the Communist Party of Cuba's Central Committee wants everyone in El Norte to know how swimmingly everything is going;
Juan Jacobino, spokesperson for the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, explained that the dialogues being held at the U.S. State Department are taking place in a positive, constructive and respectful climate.
The second round of conversations has been taking place since this Friday morning, which should clear the way toward reestablishing bilateral relations, with the challenge of finding solutions to unresolved issues regarding the reopening of embassies.
But José Azel raises an objection;
On January 28, 2015, speaking in Costa Rica and addressing the III Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), General [Raul] Castro set his demands. Before the two nations can re-establish normal relations the United States must:

  1. Unconditionally eliminate all economic sanctions.
  2. Return to Cuba the Guantanamo US naval base.
  3. Stop all the transmissions of Radio-TV Martí.
  4. Compensate Cuba for the supposed damages caused by the embargo — which Cuba estimates at US$116 billion and growing.
  5. Eliminate Cuba from the US “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list.
The general declared that “If these problems aren’t resolved, this diplomatic rapprochement wouldn’t make any sense.” And that “It would not be ethical or acceptable to ask Cuba for anything in return… Cuba will not negotiate on these internal matters which are absolutely sovereign.”
Thus, Castro has essentially declared that he's not going to make any concessions...but he will accept unconditional surrender on the part of Barack Obama. Azel offers this two hour video of his, and other anti-Castro-ites deeper analysis of what that surrender would result in for the USA. Which, to summarize would be;

1. More revenue for the Cuban military, which owns the tourist sector in Cuba. The people who work in tourism are paid slave labor wages, while the bulk of the money paid by tourists goes to the military elite.

2. The Guantanamo naval base would be almost immediately leased to Russia for use by its (Vladimir Putin's) navy. That, or bartered for oil. The deep waters outside Guantanamo are perfect for Russian submarines to operate undetected.

3. Elimination of a source of anti-Castro information to the people of Cuba.

4. Well, over a hundred billion Yanqui dollares for use by Cuba's military and intelligence services to improve their capabilities.

5. More terrorism in the world, especially from Iran (and Hezbollah) with which Cuba has strong ties. And, if Iran eventually develops nuclear weapons, probably nuclear terrorism 90 miles offshore Florida.

Additionally, if full diplomatic relations were re-established, Cuba would  open an embassy in Washington, consulates in many U.S. cities, offices of Prensa Latina (Che Guevara's gift to journalism) in major cities, and trade delegations. All of which will be used for espionage. For Cuba's purposes and any country that can trade for information gathered.

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