Saturday, March 7, 2015

Here's looking at you kids

Tomorrow is International Women's Day, say Antony Davies and James Harrigan, and, as usual the capitalists outperform the socialists who created the idea;
Socialist leaders used International Women’s Day ostensibly to highlight their commitment to gender equity. Yet contrary to its socialist origins, more than 100 years of evidence since the first International Women’s Day suggests that free markets are the single best solution to inequity, gender or otherwise.
.... In its annual Economic Freedom of the World Report, the Fraser Institute, a Canadian free-market think tank, assesses degrees of economic freedom within countries. The United Nations Development Program, in its Human Development Reports, evaluates countries’ degrees of gender equality. Fraser does not consider equality when ranking economies according to economic freedom, and the U.N. does not consider economic freedom when ranking economies according to equality. But when the two reports are combined, a fascinating pattern emerges.
Which is, in a nutshell, that in freer countries (whether rich or poor countries) women do better for themselves;
As compared with men, women in economically freer countries hold more elected seats in government, have longer life expectancies, achieve higher education levels, and earn higher incomes than do women in less economically free countries. In short, in freer economies, women’s lives are longer, more prosperous and more self-directed.
Women of the world, unite around Adam Smith, not Marx and Lenin. You'll live longer and prosper.

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