Thursday, March 5, 2015

Op-ed Paul v. Textbook Paul

Just yesterday we asked if Paul Krugman had lost the ability to reason like an economist. Today Robert Murphy, says, go back and read your own textbook, guy, because you'll find this;
This is what happens when there is a price floor on the wage rate paid for an hour of labor, the minimum wage: when the minimum wage is above the equilibrium wage rate, some people who are willing to work--that is, sell labor--cannot find buyers--that is, employers--willing to give them jobs.
And Paul even used the analogy of a butter surplus in his textbook, which he denigrates in his Op-ed in the Times;
But labor economists have long questioned this view. …[B]ecause workers are people, wages are not, in fact, like the price of butter, and how much workers are paid depends as much on social forces and political power as it does on simple supply and demand.
How would Professor Paul Krugman grade that if it appeared as an answer in one of his student's exams?

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