Friday, March 13, 2015

Dear Ayatollah,

So the Republicans in the Senate have sent a letter to Iran, warning it not to expect any wussiness from a congress that will remain after Barack Obama leaves office (and has the constitutional power to refute negotiated treaties). Which makes us nostalgic for the days--the Reagan era--when congressmen (including the Speaker, Jim Wright) were made of gentler stuff;
Commandante Daniel Ortega
Coordinador de la Junta de Gobierno
Casa de Govierno
Dear Commandante:

We address this letter to you in a spirit of hopefulness and good will.

As Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, we regret the fact that better relations do not exist between the United States and your country. We have been, and remain, opposed to U.S.  support fo military action directed against the people or government of Nicaragua.
Which letter, on House stationary, was dated March 20, 1984. Maybe partly explaining the Reagan 49 state landslide of November of that year.

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