Friday, March 13, 2015

The Zoe not heard round the world

Unlike the presenters on Top Gear who have an audience estimated to be over 350 million, Zoe Williams has only a theory to offer;
A true programme about cars would be one that roped all this like a steed, and said: look. Look at what we’ve discovered. We can take the shapes of the old and the power of the new and create something that is basically free, running on limitless energy, like in Star Trek.
Well, science fiction is popular.
Top Gear, being so far behind the curve, would only be able to catch up if it undertook a radical rethink of its value system. I suggest an eco-feminist approach.
Many are called, Zoe.
In the first place, they need to incorporate the obvious concerns of the entire industry, to produce cars that get you places without needless waste. It’s not wholemeal and boring. What does an intelligent species do, faced with a problem? It finds daring answers. It doesn’t plough into a ditch and laugh.
Apparently it does, if it is concerned with accumulating an audience for the show.
Feminism is relevant because only a macho culture would have allowed a bunch of idiots to elide heedless fossil fuel use with mindless racial slurs and scientific illiteracy. I wouldn’t accidentally call someone a slope. I wouldn’t charge around Argentina spewing asinine triumphalism about some long-gone war. Why not? Because the impetus behind those actions is territorial, and that’s not what feminism or, for that matter, human beings are about.
Argentine human beings did seem a tad bit territorial on that show though.
What would my Top Gear look like? Cool cars. Some cars that were not cool. Intelligent people saying things that were not facile. A vision for the future; a vision that baffled belief, a little like Tomorrow’s World, except, you know, just around the corner. Realistically, possibly, about to happen tomorrow.
Well, you're welcome to pitch such a show to the Beeb.

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