Saturday, March 14, 2015

Endangered bloke watch

The Telegraph's William Langley names a name in the Who deprived Jeremy Clarkson of his dinner? whodunit;
Prominent among them is BBC’s designer-stubbled director of TV, Danny Cohen, the man with the itchiest trigger finger in television, whose big ambition in life is to have Clarkson’s head mounted on the wall of his library. A leading light in the PC-crazed clique of metro-liberal zealots who infest the Beeb’s high offices, it was Cohen who took the absurd decision to pull Top Gear from the schedules.
The motoring show earned the BBC more than £50 million in overseas sales alone last year, far more than any other program.
Langley goes on to suggest that with that amount of revenue they should provide Clarkson with his own chef and a retinue of liveried servants to cater to his gastronomic whims. After all, he is English and he had a legitimate beef about his beef;
Only nominally about cars, Top Gear is more a forum for endangered blokedom, in which middle-aged, middle-class white men – the last minority In society that can be insulted without risk – get together and pine for the things it is no longer possible to do. Such as driving too fast, saying what you think and exacting vengeance on the man who has lost your dinner. Perhaps, as he tends to, Jeremy just went about the right thing in the wrong way.

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