Monday, March 2, 2015

Was Augusto Pinochet a Villain or Hero for Chile? II

We wanted to thank Estanislao Deloserrata for his contributions to the PanAm Post discussion. For instance, his refutation of the Perfect Latin American Idiot's claim that Augusto Pinochet's junta had no real enemies;
The serial numbers of many of the weapons smuggled into Chile  by the Cubans were found to be originally sent to Vietnam, and presumably captured  by the Vietcong and NVA [when they invaded the South in 1975], who were of course allies of Cuba and the USSR.
Estanislao is referring to these weapons (among others)

One of the largest discoveries of Cuban-supplied materials was at Carrizal Bajo (1986).  That was at the time considered the largest intercepted haul of smuggled weapons in Chilean history.   The Carrizal Bajo details are also well documented and available for historians.  
Or even for internet commenters. If they're hombre enough to do a little Googling. Which Estanislao doesn't appear to need, as he lived through it;
More than 3500 assault rifles were uncovered by government forces, along with more than 2000 hand grenades, and tonnes of other similar materials.  The Cubans continued sending weapons and explosives to anti-government Marxist groups such as the FPMR well into the 1980s.  And Cuban-supported operatives continued armed attacks in Chile even after the restoration of democracy, which speaks volumes about the real aims of the anti-government terrorists (some members of the democratically elected Chilean congress were targets of the Marxist FPMR, and perhaps the most famous victim of this post-restoration was senator Jaime Guzmán, and the surrounding story is readily available for anyone to study.)    I remember in our neighbourhood in southern Chile in the early 1990s when the Carabineros still had to carry Uzis around, and very openly, because of the continued threat from Marxist bandits even during the Patricio Aylwin presidency.
Hard to believe than anyone who lived in Chile at that time could be unaware of all this. 

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