Saturday, March 14, 2015

D Day in Cuba

Granma praises democracy (or else!);
Since the month of January, when the Council of State called partial elections to elect delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power in the nation, Cubans have been preparing, in each and every neighbourhood, to directly nominate and vote for those who will represent their rights in their locality.
These elections, in which delegates will be elected to municipal assemblies (local government) for a term of two and a half years, will be held April 19....
As established in the Constitution of the Republic, Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power are obliged to observe and enforce the laws and other general regulations adopted by higher state bodies in their respective territories.
That is, they will have the honor of obeying the Castros' decrees.
Cubans, despite their daily challenges, are again participating in this habitual exercise in democracy. To nominate and elect the most capable, the person who will defend their rights and resources with zeal, is not an event isolated from the current situation in the country, as it is a fundamental element in the development of a community and the nation.
Just as Army General, Raúl Castro Ruz, expressed in 1974, at the close of a seminar for delegates held in Matanzas, “Representative socialist institutions are the expression of the will of the people, through their vote, a means by which the people are not only presented by the State, but in fact form a direct part of that State and directly and systematically participate in its decisions.”
Our bold, of course, in the above. Participation by obedience = democracy in Cuba.

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