Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bitcoins para la defensa no para Castribute

The Cuban Anarcho-capitalist Club (CAC) seeks support for a good cause;
A month ago, the CAC became the first organization in Cuba to start accepting donations in bitcoin. With the help of supporters abroad, they opened a bitcoin wallet to raise funds for the club, since the majority of the members cannot find employment on account of their open opposition to the regime.
[Club founder Joisy] García said the plans for 2015 will involve more “fight and enthusiasm.” They’re currently seeking to secure international scholarships in economics for young Cubans, to “show them another ideology, another vision.”
They need donations because members can't work on la isla, thanks to the Castro regime.
The members of the CAC, labeled opposition activists, have been banned from employment on the island and face ostracism from neighbors who are fearful of being associated with their activities.
Anyone want to bet the Obama Administration's recent initiative will change anything?

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