Friday, March 27, 2015

Don't raise the alarm...

Patience, patience. It's just the long rebound effect from the last Ice Age, says Brian K. Sullivan;
NOAA describes it as similar to what happens when an aging mattress returns to its original shape after a person gets up in the morning. When the ice sheets first retreated, there was a quick rebound in many areas that slowed through the centuries, [research geologist Theresa] Damiani said.
“It has been rebounding and it still is,” Damiani said. “It takes a very long time.”
The Earth’s surface rises about 1 millimeter a month in Canada and about the same amount over the course of a year in the U.S., she said. For a place like Canada’s Hudson Bay, the changes would be apparent over a person’s lifetime, she said.
“If you have a dock that you built, the ocean appears to be going down,” Damiani said.
It isn’t that the sea level is dropping — it’s that the land is springing back up.
Our bold, in the above, of course.

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