Thursday, March 12, 2015

All about Beeb

The socialist model of British Broadcasting faces running out of Jeremy Clarkson's money;
Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was said to be “intensely relaxed” about the inquiry into his alleged “fracas” with a producer, as the BBC’s director general refused to put a deadline on the investigation.
A source close to the presenter said Clarkson was confident about the outcome of the disciplinary process after he was suspended following allegations that he punched a member of the production team after filming on location in Newcastle last week.
BBC director general Tony Hall said on Thursday there was no timetable for Clarkson’s disciplinary hearing and refused to speculate what might happen to the presenter, whose contract with the corporation runs out this month.
Which would seem to put Mr. Clarkson in the driver's seat, so to speak. And make this the equivalent of whistling in the dark;
Former BBC executive Sian Kevill told Sky News: “In the end the BBC will always take the line that no person is bigger than the brand or the programme. It has to take that line otherwise it will be an open field day for anyone to do anything they want.”
Which is pretty much the truth about rainmakers. They can do what they want,as long as they put eyeballs in front of the TV sets around the world. Clarkson and friends don't need the BBC, as long as there are alternatives out there for them.

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