Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Miseria es, como miseria hace

In a comment to David Henderson's Econlog post on the misery index, Ted B. makes a good point;
When you look at the misery indices for these [South American] countries, the results are interesting. The Top Two most miserable countries in 2014 were Atlantic nations (Venezuela and Argentina). Brazil came in 6th. The least miserable Atlantic nation was Suriname, which finished 43rd in the world, and still more miserable than the most miserable Pacific nation, which was Peru at 49th. Chile was in the best situation [our bold], finishing 70th.
Those results come from Steve Hanke's World Misery Index. Which reminds us of the question recently asked (and still being debated) at the PanAm Post; Was Augusto Pinochet a Villain or Hero for Chile?

Asked and answered, we'd say.

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