Saturday, March 21, 2015

No Dane gelding here

'We're thugs and bullies, whaddya expect from us?", said the Russian Ambassador to the Danes;
"I do not think Danes fully understand the consequences of what happens if Denmark joins the U.S.-led missile defense. If this happens, Danish warships become targets for Russian nuclear missiles," [Ambassador Mikhail] Vanin was quoted as saying by the daily.
Should Danes join "we risk considering each other as enemies," he added.
If the Danes should contribute just one frigate for defense....
[Danish Foreign Minister Martin] Lidegaard said the comments were "inacceptable" and that Vanin had "crossed the line" by saying that "everyone who joins" the shield "in the future will be a target for Russian ballistic missiles."
There's a precedent, as Rudyard Kipling once noted;
"We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
  No matter how trifling the cost;
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
  And the nation that pays it is lost!"

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