Monday, March 23, 2015

Penalty kick

We don't even pretend to understand a sport where you're not allowed to use your hands, nor how you cut your taxes by low-balling your employee compensation; 
Spain's prosecutor has called on the National Court to open a trial against Barcelona football club for alleged tax evasion, including in the signing of Brazil striker Neymar.
In a statement, the prosecutor called for jail terms of more than two years for the club's current president Josep Bartomeu, and more than seven years for his predecessor, Alexandre "Sandro" Rosell, as well as the imposition of large fines.
The crime was mis-stating how much the soccer stars were paid;
Barcelona paid at least 84 million euro (then some £72 million) for Neymar, and that by presenting a lower figure the club allegedly reduced its tax burden in a fraudulent manner.
Meanwhile, in the USA, the NCAA somehow manages to pay its employees zero dollars to put eyeballs in front of television sets (and not only get away with it, but to seize the moral high ground). Even the President of the United States plays along.

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