Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Race together to a competing barista

One where you won't be harangued by simplistic political naifs trying to impress their boss, Howard Schultz;
Racial inequality is a topic rarely discussed in a corporate setting and seldom encouraged as a coffee shop conversation. That is changing as Starbucks and USA TODAY embark on an initiative called Race Together.
In the accompanying video Howard says he feels a burden of personal responsibility, not about the company, but about what is going on in America. If Schultz's goal was to provide ammunition for a stockholder lawsuit, we'd say he succeeded admirably. It's to his fellow owners that he owes a fiduciary responsibility, to put their financial stake in Starbucks first, last and always.

If he isn't feeling that responsibility, it's time for him to step down (and enter politics?). Run for office and leave the business of selling coffee to someone who will focus on what matters to Starbucks shareholders (some of whom might be racial minorities, Howard). Maybe name Michael Jordan CEO--the man who once remarked that Republicans buy underwear too.

When you forget that your job is to sell coffee to Republicans (and other non-racialists) too...

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