Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wooden it be lovely

If Russia wised up and created a property right in its trees (and its tigers), and sold it? Then the owners could defend their interests, and eliminate the problem;
A scheme involving corrupt Russian officials, illegal Chinese loggers and major hardwood flooring retailers in the West is destroying forests and endangering tiger habitats in Russia's Far East, an environmental group said.
The trees just stand there, growing, so that part would be easy. The tigers more elusive, but create owners and they will come to protect them. If that sounds difficult, compare it to the task of trying to deny demand for housing and furniture;
A report published Wednesday by the Environmental Investigation Agency ....blamed demand for hardwood floors in the West for fueling illegal logging, and has singled out the largest hardwood flooring retailer in the United States, Lumber Liquidators, as a major culprit.
EIA accused the Virginia-based company of importing millions of square feet of illegally harvested oak from Chinese suppliers since 2008, when the U.S. amended its environmental Lacey Act to include specific penalties for illegal logging, the report said.
Pace Lynne Kiesling, this wouldn't be a surprise to Hayek. It would be The Use of Knowledge in Society.

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