Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vacation home in Portugal?

If so, not only do you have to worry about your children being kidnapped, but also your home;
An ancient law concerning waterfront properties, which threatened to transfer their ownership to the Portuguese State unless it could be proven in court that the land had been in private hands for at least 150 years, has been postponed until July 1 2014, allowing more time for the complex legislation to be reviewed and hopefully simplified. 
Law nº54/2005 of November 15, which was due to be implemented on January 1 2014, was causing panic among property owners as they struggled to collect the necessary documentation that proved their waterfront properties had been in private hands since before 1864, or they faced seeing the land fall into public domain.
Don't expect to be standing on golden sands, but
no more sailin', so long sailin', bye bye sailin',...move on out captain 
Might be reality, beyond the mar.

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