Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Any Portuguese in a sturm?

Want to sell books written in a language no one speaks? Blame it on the Bossa Nova;
Brazil is counting on a new export hit: literature. As this year's guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 9 to 13), Latin America's largest country is advertising its literary assets with 70 authors and 164 publishers.
"We want to show that we understand the international market and can sell our titles," said Karine Pansa, president of the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), adding that the German book market is promising and has a big following around the world.
Until now, Brazil hasn't been seen as an exporter of literature, but rather, a buyer of authors' rights. But things are changing. By the year 2020, the Brazilian Ministry of Culture is set to invest 26 million euros ($35 million) in domestic authors. The public funds are earmarked for scholarships for translators and authors, as well as exchange programs and Brazil's participation at international book fairs.
Money that could have been used to save the rainforest.

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