Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Problem is...

the Democrats want the money;
Strike bans raise new problems, labor experts warn
After several paragraphs of double talk, the article notes;
The Service Employees International Union, which represents some of the BART workers who went out on strike, contributed $2.6 million to state Senate and Assembly candidates in the 2010-12 election cycle....
Almost all of the money went to Democrats.
The Amalgamated Transit Union, the other major BART union, gave $311,570 to state Assembly and Senate candidates over the same period. Again, most beneficiaries were Democrats.
During the 2010 gubernatorial race, union-backed independent expenditure groups pumped $30 million into independent efforts backing Jerry Brown's gubernatorial campaign....
SEIU was the second-largest contributor to last year's campaign for Proposition 30, the measure Brown put on the ballot to raise taxes and dig the state out of its fiscal hole. Union members dropped $11.4 million in support of the measure.
As one of the prominent experts finally conceded; "The only people who are upset with the existing system is the public. And they're not organized." 
Hard to see how a ban on public employees striking would make that worse.

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