Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bottom feeder

Cal Berkeley brings up the rear in the Pac 12 revenue sports' graduation rates;
 Pac-12 football GSR [%]scores:
Stanford: 93, UCLA: 82, Washington: 74, Utah: 73, Oregon: 72, Colorado: 70, Arizona State: 67, Oregon State: 66, Arizona: 60, Washington State: 57, USC: 53, Cal: 44
Pac-12 men’s basketball GSR scores:
Stanford: 83, Utah: 83, Washington State: 80, Washington: 80, Oregon: 77, Arizona State: 75, Colorado: 67, Arizona: 64, Oregon State: 62, UCLA: 60, USC: 55, Cal: 38
This being an elite institution of higher learnin', athletic director Sandy Barbour had this to say; 
“At Cal, we expect excellence in both academics and athletics. Having an all-time high of nine teams [the swimmers and gymnasts] above 90 percent is a testament to the dedication of our student-athletes, coaches and academic support staff. All of us are here to provide our student-athletes with what they need to reach their potential, whether that is in the classroom or in the field of play.”
“Although we still have a lot of work to do and have put systems in place that we believe will raise the success rate for under-performing teams, we are proud of what we have accomplished over the past year. Higher scores will take time to appear in the GSR data due to the lag time in reporting, and we are already seeing improved results.”
“The rates we have seen with the majority of our programs shows what can be accomplished across the board. We have an obligation to deliver what our student-athletes need to excel, learn and grow in all facets of their experience at Cal, and we won’t be satisfied until we reach a 100 percent goal with all of our sports.”
Can't forget to get that 'student-athlete' in wherever possible.

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