Monday, October 28, 2013

Czech; faction counters faction

Possibly the best of all political worlds for the Czech Republic; no one is in charge;
The Czech people used the election as a chance to express their frustration, and to punish the parties of government. The conservative party TOP 09, of the former Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, has announced that it will be going into the opposition. The Civic Democratic Party (ODS), which until [former Prime Minister Petr] Necas' fall was the strongest party in the government, is threatening to plummet into insignificance after scoring less than 8 percent.
Best performance by a dark horse;
The millionaire media mogul Andrej Babis and his protest movement ANO [an acronym for "Action for Alienated Citizens" which also means "yes" in Czech] came from nowhere to become the second most powerful force in parliament with fewer than 19 percent of the vote. Babis, who owns a food and chemicals empire, fought his campaign with the slogan "We're not politicians; we work." Now he will be deciding the political future of the country. 
Which is, ask the Germans in again?

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