Monday, October 28, 2013

We're all thumbs

In the search for the holy anti-QWERTY;
According to eReflect, the new two-thumb typing layout allows users to type efficiently and pain-free, as this keyboard puts less strain on the thumbs. The KALQ keyboard layout was designed after thumb movement and button size were tested for, in order to find those parameters that would make the KALQ keyboard layout more efficient that the QWERTY on mobile devices. The two-thumb text entry layout seems to be extremely useful as it shortens thumb movements, making typing efficient and more accurate with less effort. Since the keyboard buttons are essentially halved for each thumb and placed strategically under each thumb, typing time shrinks as there’s no longer any need for longer, time-consuming thumb movement across the screen.
eReflect representatives praised the researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, explaining how such initiatives are the world’s hope for a more human-centric technology, assisting rather than impeding people’s lives.
The QWERTY Problem: not as Paul Krugman and the Mrs, have it, but more as chronicles of wasted time searching for the better way that just has to be there.

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