Friday, October 25, 2013

Let them eat cake...if we can get it from importing

This is what Chile is missing out on, thanks to Augusto Pinochet (who, forty years ago ousted the Chilean version of Chavezmo-Madurosmo);
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro .... criticized Luis Vicente León, director of research firm Datanálisis, for blaming price and exchange controls for the current domestic economic situation.
"Do you want us to lift the (exchange) control and allow the sale of US dollars so you can swallow them, take them with you, and make the country go in bankrupt? Never ever!" Maduro remarked.
The Venezuelan president also stressed the Foreign Exchange Administration Commission would be transformed and guaranteed sovereign control of US dollars in the country. "We will also bring back stability in prices. You will see," Maduro pledged.
But the people can't eat Maduro's promises;
In a report, the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) elaborates on the serious levels of shortage in Caracas at the end of September, particularly 16 food products with a shortage index above 41%.
The items include corn oil, not found in 98.8 out of 100 food stores; whole powder milk, 84.3; sugar, 80.8; pre-cooked corn flour, 73; wheat flour; 64.3, and butter, 58.4.
Pressured by staple shortage, authorities will resort to a massive import plan to bring food from Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. The plan is to put food back on the shelves in the next two months.
Economy Vice-president Rafael Ramírez claimed on Wednesday, "We are preparing an attack: massive food import."
From countries not burdened by Venezuelan economics.

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