Friday, October 18, 2013

Viviendo la revolución

One thing they aren't short of in socialist Venezuela; wasted time;
Adolfo Osma, a panel beater, lost an entire day of work only to buy four packages of precooked corn flour, a basic staple used to prepare many traditional Venezuelan dishes. Those four packages will only last for about a week, since he has eight mouths to feed at home.
....Lines to buy basic staples are business as usual in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital city. Many people look for the line outside supermarkets and ask the last person in line what basic product is available for sale.
....Not everybody has enough time to "chase" food across the city. María Eugenia Sánchez works at a ministry (she did not want to specify which one). On Monday, October 7, she seized the opportunity that she was given a day off work due to a pro-government rally, and went to the market to stand in a line for food. Usually she has to do that on weekends and spend a whole day waiting in lines, instead of going to the beach, for instance.
The mood in the lines shifts: some laugh, saying, "at least we have a motherland," like Serrano, for example. Juana Chirinos, a government supporter, takes the hint and puts the blame on food hoarders. "The worst is that we are already getting used to this," another woman declares.
The reason Venezuelans don't have food and other staples is the same reason Obamacare's exchanges have become a fiasco; los incentivos, estúpido.

Get used to it?

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