Monday, October 28, 2013

With all these ponies, there must be some....

The Santiago Times recycles an old Ronald Reagan joke, with the expected twist;
Chile continues to maintain the fastest Internet in the region with speeds nearly doubling and tripling those of Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, a recent study shows. Faster Internet connection is a promising sign for Chile, but rural areas in one of Latin America’s strongest growing economies still find themselves with bleak Internet access in comparison to their urban neighbors.
Chile is better at most good things than anywhere else in Latin America, but the leftists aren't deterred in the least. Chile's internet is twice as fast as Brazil's and three times as fast as Colombia and Argentina's? They'll accentuate the negative, thank you;
...but according to José Huerta Estrada, the director of ONG Cívico, a civil rights organization which works with telecommunications and technology, they do not tell the entire story.....“There’s a large part of the country that still doesn’t have access to the bandwidth necessary to use more sophisticated online content,” he said.
Forgetting to say that that is because almost no one lives there.
....According to Estrada, the access problem in less populated regions of the country is not simply an issue of missing the latest Netflix release. Lower level of access, particularly for Chileans living in rural areas, could have political and social consequences since they do not have the same capacity to access information that populated urban centers enjoy.
“It creates an asymmetry in terms of how people become informed about the political and social situation of the country,” he said.
Making it more difficult for them to hear about the good old days when mobs of Allende's thugs roamed the same areas threatening their lives.

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