Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Get out of jail free card

Collect 30,000 Euros on your way ir:
Lawyers acting for Inés del Río, the ETA assassin who was released from jail last week under a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling governing sentence lengths in Spain, have presented an appeal in the High Court against the judiciary’s decision to deny her 30,000 euros in compensation, as decreed by Strasbourg for her continued incarceration after her original term should have expired in 2008.
Spain’s judiciary had ruled that the compensation award is null and void as the state paid out Del Río’s civil liability, some nine million euros, for her part in the murders of 23 people before her detention in 1989.
The ECHR last week confirmed its previous July 2012 resolution obliging Spain to pay 30,000 euros in moral damages and 1,500 in court costs, ruling that keeping Del Río in prison had breached the European Convention on Human Rights.
And don't release her in the neighborhood of Strassbourg?

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