Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hjälmar in Your Pocket

Got a date for the Nobel banquet?  Watch your wallet;
Pickpocketing thefts have increased by 40 per cent in one year in the inner city [of Stockholm]. Well organized international gangs are behind almost all cases. They are attracted to Sweden since it is easy to get into and penalty rates are low. But the increase is also due to increased access to valuables.
....Pickpocketing is a hard crime to solve. There is rarely witness statements or good enough surveillance images. And if the police manage get a good lead, the thieves usually already have managed to leave Sweden at that time. The Stockholm police estimate that only one or two per cent of these crimes are ever solved.
Good news, there'll be less to steal this year (they should have listened to Robert Shiller?);
The prize sum is now on the same level as when the first prize was awarded in 1901 (in relative monetary value) said Lars Heikensten, president of the Nobel foundation to the daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD). The sum was raised in the late 90s when the markets were booming.
“As long as the prize sum is above USD 1 million, I do not think the Nobel Prize as a brand will be damaged said Olle Wästberg former director general for the Swedish Institute to SvD.
Also the costs for the yearly Nobel banquette will be reduced but this will not affect the celebrations too much according to Heikensten.
Party like it's 1901.

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