Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chile dogs

But there's not enough mustard to cover one candidate (the Allendean, of course);
Starting this Wednesday, the public will be able to try out the nine “presidential hot dogs.” All contenders to the presidency except the Socialist Party (PS) candidate Michelle Bachelet created a personalized snack with their three favourite ingredients.
Couldn't get self-righteous indignation in a bottle, Michelle?
The tailor-made hot dogs, to be sold in Dominó restaurants all over the country, should reflect not only the food preferences of Chile’s upcoming presidential candidates, but also their political views.
 Cuban cuisine? That starvation diet might not be digested so easily by the electorate.
Daniel Honig, general manager of Dominó, told The Santiago Times how the rivals agreed to participate in goodwill.
“They took part with a lot of humor and enthusiasm because they understood that it’s a different and entertaining way of relating to voters,” he said.
All except the descendant of Salvador Allende.

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