Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Poor inventory control? Jail

The Venezuelan law wasn't written by Parks and Recreation. Though it sounds like it;
Over 3800 rolls of toilet paper, 440 litres of powdered milk and 1560 litres of long-life liquid milk were taken by order of the Public Prosecutor for being allegedly hidden in a warehouse of the Don Biagio Mini Market and Super Express, located in Maracaibo, Zulia state. 
It was determined that the products were absent from the shelves in spite of being stored in the warehouse, restricting consumer access to these goods.
The establishment where the goods were found was not identified by name or RIF (commercial registration), however, the property serves as a warehouse of goods and food from the aforementioned store.
The legal representative of the business was put under preventative arrest under conditions of the public prosecutor.
The government will sell the goods;
... the goods seized shall be put up for sale at fair prices in the markets Fundación Mercados de Zulia (Fundamercado), the organization in Zula that facilitates the selling of products directly to the people.
These actions were carried out by the audit staff of the National Costs and Prices Superintendency (Sundecop) and the Institute for the Defense of People's Access to Goods and Services (Indepabis) as part of the actions undertaken by the national government for the fight against shortages and hoarding.
During the last few weeks, the  Superior Organ for the Popular Defense of the Economy  has referred more than 25 people to the Attorney General's office for engaging in wrongful acts that infringe on the sovereignty and food security of Venezuela.
Hard to understand why there are any goods at all available in stores under this regime. 

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