Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eat your spinach

And then vote to re-elect me? Brad DeLong cites Henry Aaron;
Rather than apologizing for these cancelations, [the administration] should be bragging about them.... Imagine a new law enacted to promote food purity. As it is being debated, you are told ‘if you like what you eat, you can keep on eating it.’ The new law takes effect, and one day you find that the market no longer carries certain foods you have been buying... [which] included elements found to be bad for your health. The pure food act barred their use.
Obamacare is analogous.... It bars certain common practices of insurance companies that most people find unacceptable at best, outrageous at worst... [as] of January 1, 2014.... Currently available insurance plans that include such practices will not be allowed on the market.
Ignoring the truth or falsity of the claim about insurance policies--that people voluntarily purchased--does anyone think that if Barack Obama had made such a statement prior to the vote in the Senate, he'd have had the needed 60 votes for Obamacare.

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