Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Armed and Dangerous

They also serve who only stand, unpaid, and wait for the desperadoes to make their appearance;
[Kelly] Sanders pulled off U.S. Highway 101 into the Barnes Point lot at Lake Crescent — where two other cars were parked — got out and posed the students for a picture behind the Storm King Ranger Station sign when she heard another car pull up. 
It was Park Ranger Jennifer Jackson's patrol car.
According to Sanders' account, Jackson asked for her driver's license and the licenses of the drivers of the two other cars.
All three drivers received $125 tickets for “Violation of Closure (Government Shutdown)” as the students, the two Japanese students from Mutsu City and four Peninsula College students from Indonesia, Hong Kong and China, watched puzzled. 
“I didn't know how to explain it to them because I can't really understand why all this happened myself,” Sanders said Monday. 
“I know they were surprised that we would get a ticket for trying to go for a hike.” 
The park has been closed since the federal government shutdown began Oct. 1. 
Local park officials could not be reached for comment Monday because it was a federal holiday, Columbus Day. 
Anyone got any sympathy left for government employees?

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