Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Poor mouthing

The Serbian Prime Minister says, Will work for peanuts;
In his opening address at "Serbia Investment Day" in London, [Ivica] Dačić said that Serbia is a country which views problems as challenges, and one of the greatest ones is economy - its growth and approaching the result which are achieved by strong economies. 
"This is exactly why we are in London today," Dačić said, adding that the solutions are investments and projects which will bring growth to Serbia and money to investors. 
How refreshing to hear a politician asking 'Wall Street' to occupy it. And the water is fine;
"We offer a high level of skills and knowledge of employees, their relatively low salaries compared to the European ones, and we also have agreements on free trade with Russia, Turkey, CEFTA and the EU," Dačić said, and added that: 
"This means that products made in Serbia are highly likely to have a good placement, and it is also important that the country is EU-oriented and that it has low income taxes and a positive microeconomic situation." 
Serbia: Open for business.

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