Monday, October 21, 2013

We B organizing the community

By cutting out the middleman, and he got results;
[Cleo] Reed would cast himself as a man who answered a “spiritual calling” to help “the underemployed, disabled, and veterans of this great land” by cheating tax collectors.
“As I see it, these are real people, doing real work and they should be entitled to the same rights and privileges as every other working American,” the University Place tax preparer said in a letter to the court. “Being the humanitarian that I am, I felt it was my constitutional responsibility to inform the poor and underemployed of their patriotic obligation to report all earned income to the U.S. government.”
Sounds a lot like Harry Reid and Patty Murray.
Reed, operator of We B Tax Services...
That might have been a tell.
Reed was caught in a sting in 2010 after the IRS noticed he was filing unusually large numbers of tax returns that included claims for payment under a tax credit targeted at low-wage workers with children.
As it turned out, Reed was inflating the incomes of his clients – generally unemployed women with children – so that they could claim an earned income tax credit. ....
Reed admitted to faking income claims for his clients, who would not otherwise be able to claim the tax credit because they earned no pay. Doing so, he ensured they received thousands of dollars in taxpayer money they weren’t due.
It depends on your definition of 'due'?

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