Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Es la guerra

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro meant it, when he proposed new legislation last week. New information being;
The bill is aimed at fighting against corruption and the "economic war." It covers wide and unspecific concepts, including tightening criminal sanctions, fighting against illegal funding of political parties, instilling the socialist ethics and morals into the public service, regulating the economy, and even striving against foreign powers trying to "destroy the Homeland."
Further, the draft enabling law refers to illegal funding of political powers, without further explanations. According to opposition deputy María Corina Machado, this is a "carte blanche for anything they (the government) want to do" against political parties."
In addition, Machado termed "extremely cynical" the fact that the bill condemns illegal funding of political actors. She argued that ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) manages public funds.
Machado added that the enabling law would hit the entire population, as it seeks "total control over the economy." The deputy believes that if the enabling law were passed, the economic crisis would worsen.
Sí, María. No paz.

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