Saturday, July 11, 2015


Greeks grin and bear canceled vacations;
Although official figures have yet to emerge, the indications from the hotel industry point to local tourism becoming the latest victim of the ongoing crisis. In Halkidiki, northern Greece, as well as the broader region of Macedonia and Thrace, tourism officials say cancellations have reached up to 70 percent in some cases. This mainly concerns reservations made by Greek visitors for the latter half of July, with cancellations also spilling over into the August high season.
July is now generally considered a “lost” month for other Greek destinations as well, places which traditionally host domestic holidaymakers, such as Pelion, in central Greece, where cancellations currently exceed 50 percent of reservations. The same applies to several areas in the Peloponnese, as well as Ionian and Aegean islands which are popular with Greek travelers.
When the going gets tough, the Greeks stay home;
A walk around popular spots in the capital also provides a good indication of the situation. “Take Kolonaki, for instance,” noted Athina, who owns a store in the area. “In previous years you could easily find a parking spot at this time of year. Now it’s impossible. Everyone’s in town.”
On pins and needles if we can believe Ekathimerini;
Katerina and Christos had been planning this year’s vacation for the last two years. They organized a three-week trip to Thailand at a cost of 2,000 euros each. The tickets have already been paid online while their accommodation has been booked. Thankfully, the departure date is in early August. “For the time being we keep looking at each other, unable to decide what to do. I have a feeling we will end up staying in Greece and, hopefully, in Europe,” said Katerina.
Pregnant with possibilities, that phrase, 'staying in...Europe.'

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