Friday, July 24, 2015

'Nothing against the state'

Michelle Bachelet's Chile isn't tolerating any dissent;
A Chilean mining contract worker was shot dead by police on Friday as a labor strike against state-owned copper company Codelco stretched into its fourth day, the union representing the workers said.
Take note of that which we bolded in the above sentence.

Codelco said this week that increasing benefits for contract workers was "not compatible" with current market conditions. The copper price is at multi-year lows, dragged down by worries over demand in key buyer China.

The mining giant saw its profit decline by 22 percent in 2014 mainly due to a fall in copper prices. However, the Chilean government has been injecting billions of dollars into the company as part of an ambitious investment plan to revamp older mines and build new ones.
But the camaradas want their share of the socialist wealth.

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  1. Chile practices a crude form of socialism. In modern, socialist states like the US and the EU members, corporations are maintained between the state and the public. The government tells (or nudges) the companies to do what it wants, and the public blames the companies.

    It is much better to blame the banksters, the health insurance industry, or the fast-food franchises (not the govt), while the govt promises more regulation.

    On the other hand, companies usually won't shoot protestors. That is hard to explain. The govt doesn't explain anything.