Wednesday, July 29, 2015

¿Por qué no hay derecho de las mujeres a controlar su propio cuerpo en Venezuela?

Socialism, that's why. It's notoriously dangerous to babies, and other living things, everywhere it's tried;
Birth-control products have all but vanished from Venezuela. A mere 15 percent of the normal supply remain available, according to Freddy Ceballos, president of Venezuela’s Pharmaceutical Federation. With prices skyrocketing for the few available in stores, Venezuelan women are resorting to drugs for other purposes, risking their health with dangerous substances.
We await Gloria Steinem's press conference where she will denounce the patriarchy of Nicolas Maduro;
The shortages that started six months ago affect both birth control pills and condoms, bringing upon three major health public issues in Venezuela: unwanted pregnancies, teen pregnancies, and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Dulce María Blanco de Figallo assures that in Campo Alegre, where she owns and operates a pharmacy, “pregnancy rates have increased 50 percent, and these numbers are similar across the country.” Campo Alegre is a low-income area in Aragua state’s capital, Maracay.
And when Venezuelan women have babies they face shortages of everything they need to care for them, including diapers and baby formula. That's the reality of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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