Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Most Liveable City...if you live through it

Forbes reports that AARP rates the most liveable large cities in America, to be San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle. For another opinion let's go to someone who actually lives in Seattle, Times columnist Danny Westneat;

We’re now a city where gunfire is mere background noise

That's the Seattle Times's headline writer's take on Westneat's latest piece, spurred on the death of a highly respected member of the community in the Chinatown International District;
On the street where Donnie Chin died, bullet holes pock the walls and windows near where his car came to a final rest. The small crowd that gathered the other night gaped at these holes, trying to read them like tea leaves. 
Chin, described as a man who didn't have an enemy in the world, was killed in a hail of gunfire intended for someone else. Or some other group.
... in this city, at the rate people are shooting off guns this summer, what happened in the Chinatown International District was not out of the blue. It was inevitable.
“Someone finally got hit,” was how one police officer put it.
227 shootings in Seattle already just this year. More than one a day. So commonplace has this become that the police don't even bother to record all the reports of gunshots they get from citizens. It's only news if someone gets killed.


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