Friday, July 10, 2015

Governo Italiano

Benito Mussolini explained;
THERE IS no concept of the State which is not fundamentally a concept of life: philosophy or intuition, a system of ideas which develops logically or is gathered up into a vision or into a faith, but which is always, at least virtually, an organic conception of the world.
It's vigilant unto this day;
The Italian Health Ministry has underlined the threat of food fraud to public health. Minister Beatrice Lorenzin said that the goal of the ministry is to preserve the quality of food products to ensure health. The battle against food crimes and fraud is fought in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and police, she said in her opening speech at the international conference dedicated to the theme at Expo Milano 2015. 
Political fraud? Not so well developed that they have a ministry to combat it, yet.
The minister said there was an inseparable link between lifestyle and health. "We must delay health problems as long as we can. Food is fundamental on the way to a better and longer life. We must not only feed the world by increasing the quantity, but also the quality of food." The government has developed the "One-Health" system, which connects healthy people to good food and products, she said. "We continue our strict controls, but are also tightening our public safety policies because each food fraud means a threat to the health of our citizens.".
Maybe she should do a video;

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  1. A video series allegory about government being intrusive and incompetent. For a fee.

    But, governments everywhere deliver the real thing everywhere, for free*. That is serious competition.

    * After the mandatory production costs collected in advance, and the unavoidable costs of regulation and control. The rest is free.