Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shipping and re-Cyprioting

Greeks bearing their ships to a less troubled flagger;
The director general of the Cypriot Shipping Chamber, Thomas Kazakos, said that a small number of Greek shippers have contacted Cypriot authorities for information on the procedures required and the tax system on the island.
Taxes matter!
Besides the current uncertainty in Greece, it is reported that some shippers are even considering emigrating to Cyprus given the proposal by the country’s creditors for an increase in the rates that shipping companies are taxed in Greece.
Come on over, the waters been tested and is fine;
Already 40 percent of the ships bearing the Cypriot flag are Greek-owned, while a number of German companies have also chosen to enter the Cypriot register since the 1980s. Cyprus controls 4 percent of the global fleet, while Greeks control 16 percent.
It's always better to be in-the-black Aegean.

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